Karen’s Lefse Recipe [Ep. 010]

 Lefse recipe from Grandma Hattie / Aunt Audrey passed down to Karen   

5 # (pounds) of Russet or Burbank Russet potatoes

2 sticks of butter

1 cup pure whipping cream

3/4 tsp. salt

1 1/2 Tbsp. sugar or a bit more

Peel, boil potatoes just until done ( not mushy)  Rice them ( with potato ricer) while still warm. Then add the butter( softened / or cut up) and mix in with potatoes.  Add the whipping cream, then salt & sugar.  Use a potato masher and mix well. Then divide into 2 ice cream buckets and put in the fridge with a dish towel on top. Leave until cold ( about 7 hrs.) Or on the doorstep if cold outside( but cover well with towel for bugs/ critters).  

Get everything ready on the table/counter for making lefse. Lefse board with cover over it. some dish towels, a garbage bag cut and laying flat.  Flour, measuring cups , rolling pin + stocking or cover for rolling pin.  Lefse stick ( bought or homemade) 

Take one bucket out after it has cooled.  Add 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour and mix very well.  You want enough flour to ‘barely’ stick together.  Make into balls a little larger than golf balls.  Then smash down on the floured Lefse board cover.  This is where Touch/ Feel come in.  As you roll dough balls out,   you may need just a little more flour.  With practice it gets easier.   Roll from center out and as thin as you can without breaking. 

Transfer the rolled lefse to the preheated griddle ( 480–500 degrees).    With the lefse stick, slide under in the middle and flip over after it has browned a bit.   

Have a dishtowel ready on top of 1/2 the garbage bag.  Put lefse on towel and cover with 2nd towel.   Keep baking your rolled balls until the 1st batch is done.  Then repeat with the 2nd ice cream bucket of potatoes.   

While the lefse is cooling don’t press down.  Just keep layering with the bottom dishtowel and then cover after each lefse is cooked. After all the lefse are piled ( with towel on top) then bring the rest of the garbage bag on top and pin together with clothespins.   Let cool about 6 hours or overnight.  Then take off gently and fold each one in quarters.  Put 4–6–8 in a zip lock bag and you are done.  

Eat some with butter ( you can warm up in microwave)  Freeze some. 

ENJOY     “Vi Elsker Lefse”                We love lefse                                       

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